Geeky Confessions 4

I was reading up on Dez’s site, who found her latest entry inspiration from another blog, and it sparked inspiration for me. I’m a geek…sorta. More or less a video game geek, but one nonetheless. Here are a few of my own geeky confessions.

  1. I absolutely hate FPS’s. Even watching someone play them is boring to me. I remember watching Ronnie play Battlefield and was like “will this ever end?” Funnily enough, Ronnie only played it when our brother-in-law bugged him to play with him. He, too, has little interest in FPS’s.
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is my favorite Zelda of all time. However, it is not the most popular among Zelda fans. Let’s not count the CD-I Zelda games. Those are considered taboo and in the eyes of anyone, I think even Nintendo, they don’t even exist. But if you ask someone who loves the Zelda games what their favorite one is, very rarely will you hear Majora’s Mask. Ronnie actually hates the game. Why do I love MM? It’s a dark game, I’ll admit that. But…feels. And lots of it. Just think; you may have 3 days to live (or in some cases, less). You have 3 days to do everything that you want or need for your loved ones before your world comes crashing down (or in this case, a really creepy-ass moon), This game was emotionally driven, at least for me. I highly recommend if you haven’t played it.
  3. I had never played a Final Fantasy game before meeting my dorky half. This is partly because I only knew of the Final Fantasy games after 7, and partly because I didn’t have a Playstation to play those games after 7. And mostly because I didn’t have an idea what an RPG was (and now I absolutely love em). When I did get to play it, I started with Final Fantasy IV, which was pretty tear-jerking at some points. I have since opened up to more Final Fantasy games, including some of the spin-offs, like Bravely Default (which I haven’t finished yet and I probably should). Oh, and once in a while, I reactivate my account to Final Fantasy XI.
  4. I think that video game music is awesome. It would explain why 85% of what’s on my iPod right now is from OCRemix. Final Fantasy music is my favorite though (irony since this was a new discovery for me in the past 5 years). I may or may not have the entire Final Fantasy XI soundtrack on my computer.

    How can I not when there’s songs like this on it?