The World of Nama…in list form: Part 3


  • As my blog photo shows, when I’m not working, running after Rydia, or sleeping (and consequently having a hard time moving out of bed), Final Fantasy 14 has been my distraction from everything. To say that the past month has been rough would be the understatement of the year. I’m a level 60 Black Mage main, but I’m outfitted as a level 51 Bard in this picture, and I also dabble in healing as a Scholar (me? heal? HAHA, but it’s actually not that bad). If you’re into MMO’s, I recommend this. It took a bit for me to grow on it, especially coming from Perfect World International, but the customization is great.
  • My health is taking a dive. I mentioned back in January that I felt a mental and physical breakdown. I vowed to do something about at least the physical part since the mental part is a little harder to fix when you’re not physically able to do shit. I’ve been having back issues. As you may know1, it started a little bit before Rydia was born, but has been getting progressively worse for the past 4 years. Not only my back, but basically everything from the waist down is riddled with pain every day, sometimes all day. Then in June, I had other symptoms that were akin to pregnancy. After 2 ER trips, and multiple tests just to say “okay, you’re all good (and not pregnant)”, I decided to address everything to my doctor.
  • This should’ve been the end of it. I should’ve just told my doctor, she runs some more tests, give a diagnosis and all would be good since I would be treated. Nope. Not at all. In fact, I went to her and she ran tests for pregnancy (negative), STD’s (negative, no surprise there), and a UTI (negative). She was so sure that it was an infection of sorts that she gave me an antibiotic. Yes, she essentially was treating me for an infection that I didn’t have, that I knew I didn’t have. When all the tests came back normal, all she said was “contact me if you have questions”. Okay, then.
  • Let’s skip to this week. I’m working a lot more hours than normal since I’m the sole day baker, and they can’t retain anyone else long enough to train them properly2. I’m liking the extra hours, but my body is not, and the way it showed me was continuous pains shooting down my left leg. This has happened before. “Walking it off” helped. When I realized that walking it off wasn’t helping this time, I took painkillers. When the painkillers proved ineffective and the shooting pains went down both legs, that’s when I took action and went to urgent care.
  • What happened? Nothing. I was told to take a couple of days off to rest, take Motrin, and it should go away as it’s “most likely a pulled muscle”. Okay, a pulled muscle for 4 years?
  • So I’m looking for another solution, because when it gets to the point where you can’t even think straight because of pain, it’s about that time. I have my suspicions, but I don’t want to even talk to my doctor about it because it would probably be dismissed. I just want to feel better…before it’s too late.
    1. Or maybe not, I don’t remember if I mentioned it
    2. One quit within 3 days

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