Whatever happened to home-cooked meals?

Here’s a small story about how I was raised. My mom, whenever she didn’t work, she would cook every day, except for Fridays, where we had one day to pick any fast food that we wanted, or eat leftovers from the night before. On Sundays it was a big deal. Ranging from chicken, to goat1 to stew peas and rice, there wasn’t a Sunday where she didn’t cook. Or if she couldn’t start it because of work, my dad did.

What has changed?


As a food service/retail worker and gamer2, I can understand the term “instant gratification”. Long day at work, and the last thing you want to do is add another chore to your list. I, myself, have been guilty of this. But sometimes I will say “maybe I’ll actually cook something tonight”. It can be cheaper, and in most cases, healthier. There’s also the whole togetherness thing. But my thing is when it becomes consistent. You see regulars at work stocking up on their breakfast, lunch and dinner on the same day. That amount of fast food can’t possibly be good. Instant gratification, I know.

  1. Something that I won’t eat under any circumstances

The World of Nama…in List Form: Part 2

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The resume of life

My goodness, it’s been awhile. I haven’t written much of anything anywhere lately; I have no soul left to do so. But what’s been going on since my last entry? Work. Mostly work. Gaming sometimes, but mostly grinding in real life on meat slicers and burning my arms frying chicken. And the more-than-occasional “fuck you”Continue Reading

When you’ve had enough

So this whole “soul” thing? What is it? I’ve seem to have lost mine about 6 months ago. This is what my job has done to me. I wake up every day when I have to go in and say “ugh”. Then when I don’t work, I wake up and immediately shut off my phone.Continue Reading

Adventures in Potty Training

Rydia is a very stubborn child. I started this lovely adventure almost 2 years ago. My mom got her a potty for Christmas and basically said “have fun.” Thought that this would be easy. Everyone I spoke to said that girls were much easier to potty train. So why is mine being so damn orneryContinue Reading