Obligatory Thanksgiving Post, Complete with Turkey!

Alternatively named: I haven’t blogged in a month for reasons, and yes, I’m going to use a picture that I used 2 years ago, but shut up and stuff turkey in my mouth!


A better post coming soon. I promise. Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t eat too much lest you’ll have a bigger New Year’s resolution to make!

The World of Nama…in list form: Part 3

As my blog photo shows, when I’m not working, running after Rydia, or sleeping (and consequently having a hard time moving out of bed), Final Fantasy 14 has been my distraction from everything. To say that the past month has been rough would be the understatement of the year. I’m a level 60 Black MageContinue Reading

Abuse is never okay

I found this article that I wrote for an e-zine last year, and was contemplating posting it here since the zine didn’t pick it up. The reason for it is because of the nature of the post–it goes deeper into what I experienced in school, which I have mentioned was no walk in the park.Continue Reading

Less bitching, more writing

I’ve had this thing drafted up for almost a month, and never got around to actually posting it. Every time I would stop gaming1, I would sit down, look at a blank page, and say “what that hell do I talk about? I’m not interesting enough (anymore) to blog. But in actuality, it was moreContinue Reading

Whatever happened to home-cooked meals?

Here’s a small story about how I was raised. My mom, whenever she didn’t work, she would cook every day, except for Fridays, where we had one day to pick any fast food that we wanted, or eat leftovers from the night before. On Sundays it was a big deal. Ranging from chicken, to goat1Continue Reading