When you’ve had enough

So this whole “soul” thing? What is it? I’ve seem to have lost mine about 6 months ago.

This is what my job has done to me. I wake up every day when I have to go in and say “ugh”. Then when I don’t work, I wake up and immediately shut off my phone. I’m grateful, after job hunting for several years, that I got one. However, at what cost?

My mental and physical health is deteriorating. My anxiety is at an all-time high and I want nothing more than to hide in my bed and never come out. I always do, but it’s never easy. What if I can do something that can make me money, but won’t kill me prematurely? I’m too young to let my talents go to waste. So here we are, again, looking into more options.

One of my 2015 goals was to get my web design site up. I love doing that, but I thought about something else. Why not go back to my roots? Writing. I can do that without getting sick and tired of it. I can do that without having a mental breakdown. I can do that and have very little human interaction, which would be HUGE.

Sometimes, you’ve just had enough of it all.

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