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Mt. Mommy

Rydia has gotten to the point of adventuring. She climbs on everything and ANYTHING.

Including piles of laundry, beds, her crib1, and Mommy and Daddy.

The problem with her climbing on Mommy, however, is that when you have a 31-pound2 kid climbing on your back which is already bruised from over 2 years of child carrying3 makes it extremely painful for Mommy.

When I say painful, I do mean PAINFUL. However, she will climb Mt. Mommy because…that’s what she’ll do, and there’s not much I can do about it. Other than stock up on painkillers4 and Pepsi, of course.

  1. She actually can go halfway in, but she’s a little chicken still
  2. And 3-foot-tall. Yep, she’s a giant for her age
  3. Actually, my back hasn’t been the best, carrying such a big baby for this long has made it worse. Only hope that if we do decide on siblings, they are NOT her size
  4. Which has mysteriously disappeared–a HUGE ASS BOTTLE of 600 MG Motrin…gone.

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