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The case of the wild sleeper

I have a 2-year-old who refuses to sleep in her own bed at night.

I’ll do one better.

She refuses to fall asleep in her own bed at night, then when she gets moved (usually by Zombie Mommy), she goes back to sleeping between her parents in the middle of the night.

It’s quite funny really. She’d climb on top of me (I am Mt. Mommy after all!) in semi-darkness1 and roll over snug in the middle. We have a king sized bed, so it shouldn’t too snug, right?

She’s a wild sleeper. She sleeps SIDEWAYS. Remember, she’s a tall one, so either one of us gets her feet, and it’s pretty unfortunate for the person who does. Then sometimes she’ll sleep normally, but try to take over one of our pillows (usually mine) and lays on my blanket. This makes it extremely uncomfortable for whoever gets her feet (once again, usually me), because she’ll even kick at times, and holy shit, that’s painful, ESPECIALLY when it’s feet to the already-jacked-up back.

So parents, how do you keep a stubborn kid in her own bed? I’d like to have a good night’s sleep without getting kicked and prodded. Just saying.

  1. We always have a nightlight on

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