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This is what I’m reduced to.

So I don’t believe I’m making this post (and making it non-protected), but I am at a point where I don’t know where to turn to, and since it determines the future of this blog, I need to spill it.

So…some may know that I have been job hunting for a while. I’ve lost count. Up until now, nothing has come up. So I’ve been relying heavily on this blog to make me some money. And for the most part, I do get paid. However, it’s pretty much the equivalent to pocket money (at least for the time being). Unfortunately, real life expenses have picked up, and while we have our families pitching in, sometimes they can’t, and whatever money I make from this blog goes to these expenses.

What this means is that come December (even sooner), I probably won’t be able to even afford to renew this domain name. I finally found a name that I’m happy with, and I may lose it in a couple of months. Figures. On top of that, I still need to pay for hosting. My blogging revenue is going to be cut in half in March because I’m pretty much forced to let Crestfallen lapse; 60 bucks is just way out of my reach.

For anyone who has been following me from Crestfallen up to this point, you would know that blogging is my sanity catalyst. It keeps me sane, and having no outlet to be able to speak what’s on my mind is…well, deadly to my well-being.

So this is what I’m reduced to–asking for donations from my readers. Things would be so much easier if someone here would call me back for an interview or even say “hey, we’ll give you a chance”. But even retailers, who say “oh we’re hiring for the holidays” don’t seem to want anything to do with me. Which is why I wish I had the know how to start my own business and tell those employers to go fuck themselves. Anyway, any bit counts. I’m not even expecting anything at this point, but I needed to get this out and just hope for a miracle of sorts. With my luck, miracles don’t exist.

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