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[Review]European Charm Bracelets from Lorie’s Bangles

Edit: This shop unfortunately shut down a while back. I hope Lorie is doing well.

I received products from Lorie’s Bangles in exchange for a review. This is my 100% honest opinion.

I love jewelry. I’ve made that no secret. I don’t get to wear it often outside of earrings because of my line of work. Apparently having a gem fall out of jewelry and into someone’s food is a health violation. Anyway, I haven’t had a bracelet in years. The last one I had broke due to it getting snagged. So when Lorie asked for some bloggers to review bracelets for her. I jumped on the opportunity. Also, as she is disabled and her art is what keeps her going, I have to support her.

For this review, I got two bracelets: her standard silver bracelet for myself, and her leather bracelet for Rydia. They were both custom made with the charms we asked for. I asked for purple beads for mine (of course!) and green for Rydia. I specifically let her know about our interests (which was much easier for Rydia’s than it was for my own), and this was the result.

Rydia's bracelet My bracelet

Pictures do these bracelets zero justice. They are absolutely gorgeous in person. There were only two issues that I found.

Rydia’s bracelet barely fit. It was hard to gauge what length to get her, and I threw caution to the wind. I was offered to send it back and have it put on a longer strand.

One other thing is that Rydia’s main charm–the one that says “daughter” (and mine matches), fell off. This is apparently a defect in the charm itself, and Lorie offered to fix that as well.

Let’s talk about how these things were packaged for a bit. They were beautiful. I also got a custom handwritten note attached to it (with beautiful handwriting nonetheless!) The boxes literally looked like they could just be put under the tree for Christmas. It’s the small things that she added on with the bracelets that caught my eye.

All in all, we’re both happy for our bracelets. While I still can’t wear mine to work (darn it!), I can still wear it elsewhere and let folks know where they can get it. I may buy a couple more in the future for the other women in my life. If you would love a custom handmade charm bracelet, head over to Lorie’s Bangles and order one!

Special thanks to Lorie and Karma for relaying the message. You ladies are awesome.

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  1. Lorie says:

    Thank you for your review!

    We still really do want to fix the issues with Rydia’s bracelet. We’ve been awaiting a reply about which daughter charm you’d like, but haven’t heard from you. I ordered a few different ones to replace the defective one as soon as I was told that it had broken.

    The sizing issue is going to be a little more difficult to resolve if you can’t measure her wrist. It’s hard to gauge size from pictures over the internet. You, yourself, have a very uncommon wrist size and I was easily able to accommodate that; the same could’ve been done for Rydia with a little more information.

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