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That is probably the best way I can express how I’ve been feeling for the past week. I get random heartburn, can’t seem to be 100% rested even after 8 hours of sleep a night1, endless appetite…I’ve just been feeling like shit. Which is never a good thing when you’re pretty much occupied with a… Continue Reading

Zombie mommy.

Rydia is now 6 weeks old and I don’t think I can get much lower than this. Yes, I knew that sleep deprivation was part of the deal, but is it supposed to be this bad? I’ve always suffered from insomnia, so most of my nights I’m up until 3-4 am, then I tend to… Continue Reading


Yep, cold #31 has started. I’m pretty sure that it’s because my immune system is slightly compromised due to pregnancy, but I think I’ve had more colds in 8 months than I’ve had in 26 years. Maybe I’m still not used to the Southern Cali weather either? Dunno. I, however, sound like a frog getting… Continue Reading