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Yep, cold #31 has started. I’m pretty sure that it’s because my immune system is slightly compromised due to pregnancy, but I think I’ve had more colds in 8 months than I’ve had in 26 years. Maybe I’m still not used to the Southern Cali weather either? Dunno. I, however, sound like a frog getting strangled.

I still need to grab my mojo back. I do have a review I need to post up; hopefully get that done before the end of the week. Rydia now plays punching bag on not only my bladder, but also my ribs too. I’m generally in so much pain right now that my worst fear has gone from falling flat on my face to not making it to at least 36 weeks2. It’s worse at night. Sleep? What’s that? And due to lack of sleep, I’m, at best, cranky most days.3 So please excuse me for the short entry. It’ll get better. Hopefully. If I don’t cough up a lung in the process.

  1. Or four, can’t remember anymore
  2. I’m 3 weeks away, but it’s a scary thought nonetheless
  3. Ronnie also is feeling a bit sexually frustrated, but well, I can’t do anything about it when it’s painful to stand

Well, I have good news and I have bad news.

The good news is, I’m about 95% better. The coughing is still there and at times disrupts my sleep (not to mention that Trouble1 has been beating up on my bladder, so when I cough,or sneeze for that matter, I squirt), but it’s nothing horrible like the past two weeks.

The bad news is…well, remember when I mentioned that my voice went through 99 different changes in the past week or so? Well, although my throat is not sore anymore, my singing voice hasn’t fully recovered. So I sound like a squeaky clarinet when I attempt to sing.

For some people, this wouldn’t be a huge issue. But for someone, like myself, who cheers herself up through coffee and singing, it’s quite devastating. And since I can’t have coffee2…double devastation. I can only hope that this…whatever the fuck this illness was didn’t screw anything up too badly, or I’m gonna kick myself in the head for not trying for American Idol while I had a chance.

All jokes aside, I’ve spent the last week just trying to keep sane and get well. The sane part failed, but at least I’m much better than I was a couple of weeks ago. Got lunch out of it a few times too. Mmm…orange chicken with chow mein. Yeah, my appetite is back indeed. Yay preggo appetites! Speaking of, I’m gonna have some leftover orange chicken. And some tea. Laters.

  1. Also known as Ronnie’s baby
  2. Blame Ronnie, he won’t let me touch the stuff at all–I’m lucky that he lets me drink iced tea since that has caffeine

Still not better.

(In fact, I’m 10 times worse than before.)

What’s funny is that I was perfectly fine (with a little bit of pain here and there) for two days. Then I got hit with what can only be described as flu symptoms. Extreme pain, mostly in the back, dry cough, chills, appetite loss (which is bad for a pregnant woman), and due to appetite loss, and attempting to eat something that I have a strong aversion to1 caused me to bring it back up. All 3 bites. It was all sudden too. I did try to eat later that night and I’m fine in that regard, and hopefully I’ll be able to eat tonight with little incident (chow mein…nom.).

But it gets better. While all of these symptoms were happening, my voice was slightly different. It was more hoarser than usual and that’s a rarity. This morning, I wake up with literally no voice, and a sore back. I couldn’t fucking sing!!! That’s devastating to me, dammit!

*sighs* This is definitely Ronnie’s baby–been nothing but trouble since conception.2

BTW, multi-grain Cheerios are awesome. Especially when they don’t have milk on it.

  1. Hamburger Helper…I can’t eat that for the life of me anymore
  2. Love you babe, since I know you’re gonna read this sooner or later

Pain, pain, go away!

Fair warning: There is some TMI in this post. If you hate TMI for whatever reason, I’m sorry in advance. Also if you are under the age of 18…you don’t want to go any further. Trust me.
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