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Oh, internet, what would we do without you?

Around 10:30am yesterday, my internet went down. Thought that it was just the router playing up, so we reset it, and nothing happened.

This went on for 12 hours.

12 hours without internet. I will admit, I freaked. Not because I couldn’t live without the internet1. But because I had stuff that I needed to do and for 12 hours I couldn’t. I had my blog work to do and I couldn’t catch up. Thank goodness I have my iPod, so I wasn’t completely devoid of musical goodness. When it finally came back up, I was too tired to do much of anything. So I did a couple of quests on Atlantica Online and just went to bed.

So other than panicking, what else did I do for those 12 hours of sans internet? Other than the normal parental stuffs, I played a game that I haven’t played in years. Zelda fans, remember Majora’s Mask? Ronnie hates this game. In fact, it’s one of the only 2 Zelda games he’s never finished (Twilight Princess being the other–dunno why he never finished it). But I happen to like this one, even if the 3-day time limit was annoying. I played for a little more after the internet came back up, and it brought back a lot of nostalgia.

Sometimes a small break from the net makes you think of stuff. Yes, I probably would have lost a lot of money had it not come back up before Monday, but you get to do stuff that you haven’t done in a while. With that being said, since Rydia’s asleep, I’m going to play some more Majora’s Mask.

  1. Most people can’t unfortunately; everything is linked to it somehow

Just our luck.

What I hate the most about living in LA is that the public transportation schedules suck total and complete ass.

So we had an appointment at 9 am, and we left the house a little earlier than usual because we had to grab change for the bus. We grab the change and then we notice that the bus we were supposed to take came 10 minutes early and was just driving off as we were crossing the street.

Now this wouldn’t be a problem if this bus didn’t run only once every fucking hour. Sigh. Luckily, I was able to get a ride with Rydia while Ronnie waited for the next bus. As long as one of us made it on time, he would have been able to come in and do what he needed (which, apparently was nothing), and we can leave together.

I finished with my appointment before even the second bus made it there. In fact, that bus was 10 minutes late. WTH. I still had Rydia with me, and since I’m still under the “under baby-weight rule” 1, I really shouldn’t be holding the carseat/stroller. Which is why he opted to come anyway.

He gets there 2 minutes before the bus was supposed to come. Except it didn’t. REALLY?! It came about 5-7 minutes late, and since the next bus that we’re supposed to take came in 5 minutes at that point, we were hoping that it would be late (it usually is, but today…). It wasn’t late. In fact, we got there 6 minutes late, thanks to that delay, so we were waiting for yet another hour to get this bus.

The good news about that is that at least we didn’t have to stand outside in the heat (we luckily beat the afternoon heat), because there were several options as to where we can go and feed Rydia/ourselves, or go to Target, and window shop for a playmat for Rydia. We opted for the food, and this bus came right on time.

It’s one of the few things I miss about New York–the buses there can come early and it wouldn’t really put a dent in getting to places because there will at least be 1 more coming in 5 minutes. But seriously, Mondays suck ass as it is. Why the hell did the public transportation have to fuck us sideways too?

  1. Rydia is over 10 pounds, so I can’t lift anything that weighs more than her due to the c-section

The city girl vs…life.

So this September will be one year since I’ve been a Southern California resident. Sometimes I still feel like a fish out of water, but I have to remind myself that Ronnie, being a Michigander, is going through the same regenesis that I am. Granted, we got a little more than what we bargained for so soon1, but we’re surviving. Sometimes, but I chalk this up to being 8 months pregnant and currently fighting cold #4, I get all snippy and guess who feels the brunt of it?

Well anyways, last Friday was our 2-year anniversary. And for those who have jumped ship with me remembers this post, it’s been a year since our engagement. We agreed that we weren’t gonna put too much emphasis on the whole ring thing. We didn’t need one to prove the engagement; just our presence around each other was just enough. This year, since we were together for our anniversary instead of miles away in two different states, Ronnie wanted to do something special. So we went out to eat (clam strips ftw–the only time I can really have seafood without him saying “ew”)…twice on two different days. And he got me Pokemon White. Go ahead and laugh at that. We’re both dorks; I’ve never tried to hide that fact. But the last piece of the puzzle didn’t come into play until yesterday.

He got a package and we’re like “what the hell? He never gets packages”.2 He slept in (as usual), and I told him “by the way, you have a package”. He jumped out of bed so fast.

When he came back, he said “Oh, that wasn’t mine.” Puzzled, I saw him with a ring box in his hand.

“It’s yours.”

I opened it up and I saw this.

I gave him the world’s biggest hug and I swear I never let go of him for 5 minutes. I think the only reason why I ended up letting go was because I had to piss like a racehorse.

Now for those who are wondering about the actual date of the wedding, we haven’t given much thought about that yet, and it’s going to be a while before we do. But I’m not one of those girls who want a date to be set right this minute. There are other pressing matters at hand.

Hm…city girl wins finally.

  1. Was not expecting to have kids for another year
  2. Not necessarily true; we’ve been getting our share of packages because of Rydia’s impending arrival

I feel violated.

Sneaky creatures live in my house
They slip from room to room
I hear them all around
And when I focus and try to think a bit
Ambitious or curious, they seize the moment
A sense of doom will creep into the room and then
Oh no! It’s too quiet!
Whatcha doin’, love? It’s too quiet!
I feel them watching me
They hope that I’ll forget
Lull me with placidness
Kill me with quiet
-“Sneaky Creatures” – Halou

Cats are such sneaky creatures. You never know when they’re in a room until they just pop out of nowhere. On your bed, on your computer chair, on you

I was taking a shower last night and I heard the door open. We have Ronnie’s 2-year-old nephew here and he likes to open doors. He’s already bypassed the child lock; he knows ways to open without them being unlocked. Anyways, he got caught and the door was promptly closed again. About 10 minutes later, when my shower was done, I open the shower curtain and when (some of) the fog cleared, I saw two furry shadows; a small orange one and a big ass black one.

here…kitty, kitty, kitty…

It appears that they have been in there for most of my shower, and they stared at me in all my nude glory. I think I was more petrified than they were honestly; I never even had Ronnie look at me while showering1, and here comes the cats taking that away from him.

If nothing more, I did learn something from this experience. Be on the lookout for peeping Tomcats.

  1. He’s not even allowed to come in while I’m showering; I’m just weird like that