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Yay for hot weather!

All right, so I hate when it’s really hot, but in comparison to New York’s humid hot weather, SoCal’s isn’t half as bad. I actually like it.

So we don’t have a patio, so looking through resin Adirondack chairs at isn’t really a choice at the moment, but luckily, there’s a park close by, and I can get away with walking to the park with Rydia in her strollerr so that we can bask in the sun. So summer? Bring it on!

What? Never heard of it

I am engaged to a dork. He’s a gamer, and at times that’s dorky as is. But Ronnie is a dork. He would randomly look stuff up that just sounds strange. That’s how we found out that Jell-o is made of bone marrow. Or what a curt trailer hitch is. I…have never heard of anyContinue Reading

Some fun things pop up when you’re looking up stuff.

I remember looking into’s search stats to see what fun stuff people type in to get to my site. I think “bondage” was one of those words. I don’t remember ever mentioning anything about bondage on that site, but I guess someone was looking for kinky ideas and came across…a site that hardly mentionsContinue Reading

When monitors go flop

Ronnie had a monitor that had a crappy stand. It would fall apart and it just came to the point where keeping duct tape on it would be the only way. That is, until we went monitor mount shopping. It’s a nice investment if your monitor doesn’t like to stand still. Since then, his monitorContinue Reading