Plugins Used

Here, you will find the over 50 (ho-ly crap!) plugins that are used to power namari. Think of it as a mini source page, in case you were looking for a certain plugin.

404 to 301 2.3.3  404 to 301 2.3.3
» Joel James (url)
Automatically redirect all 404 errors to any page using 301 redirect for SEO. You can redirect and log every 404 errors. No more 404 errors in Webmaster tool.

Akismet Anti-Spam 4.0.2  Akismet Anti-Spam 4.0.2
» Automattic (url)
Used by millions, Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from spam. It keeps your site protected even while you sleep. To get started: activate the Akismet plugin and then go to your Akismet Settings page to set up your API key.

BackWPup 3.4.4  BackWPup 3.4.4
» Inpsyde GmbH (url)
WordPress Backup Plugin

Bannage 0.2  Bannage 0.2
» Shane Neuerburg, Justin Shattuck and Dave Jansen (url)
Bans commentors by IP, username, email, or URI

Clean Archives Reloaded 3.2.0  Clean Archives Reloaded 3.2.0
» Viper007Bond (url)
A slick, Javascript-enhanced post archive list generator for WordPress 2.5+.

CommentLuv 2.94.7  CommentLuv 2.94.7
» Andy Bailey (url)
Reward your readers by automatically placing a link to their last blog post at the end of their comment. Encourage a community and discover new posts.

Comment Relish 1.0  Comment Relish 1.0
» Justin Shattuck (url)
Increases your readership and RSS subscription rate by simply sending a short ‘thank you’ relishing type message to users when they first comment on your weblog.

Edit Flow 0.8.2  Edit Flow 0.8.2
» Daniel Bachhuber, Scott Bressler, Mohammad Jangda, Automattic, and others (url)
Remixing the WordPress admin for better editorial workflow options.

Exec-PHP 4.9  Exec-PHP 4.9
» Sören Weber (url)
Executes <?php ?> code in your posts, pages and text widgets.

FancyTooltips 1.2.1  FancyTooltips 1.2.1
» Victor Kulinski (url)
FancyTooltips creates dynamic tooltips from anchors (links), acronyms, inserts, deletions, and images.

FD Footnotes 1.36  FD Footnotes 1.36
» John Watson (url)
Elegant and easy to use footnotes

flickrRSS 5.3.1  flickrRSS 5.3.1
» Dave Kellam (url)
Allows you to easily integrate Flickr photos into your site’s templates.

Fuzzy Recent Links 1.8  Fuzzy Recent Links 1.8
» Denis de Bernardy (url)
A WordPress widget that lists a fuzzy number of recently bookmarked links.

Fuzzy Recent Posts 4.13  Fuzzy Recent Posts 4.13
» Denis de Bernardy (url)
A WordPress widget that lists a fuzzy number of recently posted entries.

Get Random page 0.1  Get Random page 0.1
» Aviran Mordo (url)
Output a random page.

InfiniteWP - Client  InfiniteWP - Client
» Revmakx (url)
This is the client plugin of InfiniteWP that communicates with the InfiniteWP Admin panel.

Jetpack by 5.7.1  Jetpack by 5.7.1
» Automattic (url)
Bring the power of the cloud to your self-hosted WordPress. Jetpack enables you to connect your blog to a account to use the powerful features normally only available to users.

Lightbox 2 2.9.2  Lightbox 2 2.9.2
» Rupert Morris (url)
Used to overlay images on the current page. Lightbox JS v2.2 by Lokesh Dhakar. Now with better regular expressions, courtesy of Michael Tyson!

List Subpages With Descriptions 1.0  List Subpages With Descriptions 1.0
» Justin Tadlock (url)
Lists the current page’s sub pages and the description of each subpage.

Lock Out 1.1  Lock Out 1.1
» Skullbit (url)
Lock out users from accessing your website while performing upgrades or maintenance to your website, while still allowing certain user roles access.

Official MailerLite Sign Up Forms 1.1.23  Official MailerLite Sign Up Forms 1.1.23
» MailerGroup (url)
Official MailerLite Sign Up Forms plugin for WordPress. Ability to embed MailerLite webforms and create custom ones just with few clicks.

Pinterest   Pinterest "Pin It" Button Lite
» Phil Derksen (url)
Add a Pinterest “Pin It” Button to your site and get your visitors to start pinning your awesome content!

ProgressFly 0.62  ProgressFly 0.62
» damselfly (url)
A plugin which stores work-in-progress data in the database, and displays a graphical progress-meter

Quoter 1.1  Quoter 1.1
» Daniele Mancino (url)
Allows commenters to quote other comments (dynamically or server side if they have Javascript disabled) and any other text in a page (Javascript only).

Random Links from Link Manager 1.0  Random Links from Link Manager 1.0
» Tom Armitage (url)
Adds a new template function, get_random_links, which picks a specified number of links (which have been described as visible) at random from the links in the Link Manager database. Returns values in an associative array/hash and (by default) echoes them. For further explanation please see the source or the page about the plugin.

Revive Old Post (Former Tweet Old Post) 7.4.8  Revive Old Post (Former Tweet Old Post) 7.4.8
» (url)
Wordpress plugin that helps you to keeps your old posts alive by sharing them and driving more traffic to them from twitter/facebook or linkedin. It also helps you to promote your content. You can set time and no of posts to share to drive more traffic.For questions, comments, or feature requests, contact us!

Shortcodes Ultimate 4.9.9  Shortcodes Ultimate 4.9.9
» Vladimir Anokhin (url)
Supercharge your WordPress theme with mega pack of shortcodes

SumoMe 1.27  SumoMe 1.27
» SumoMe (url)
Free Tools to automate your site growth from

Theme Test Drive 2.9.1  Theme Test Drive 2.9.1
» Vladimir Prelovac (url)
Safely test drive any theme while visitors are using the default one. Includes instant theme preview via thumbnail.

the_excerpt Reloaded R1  the_excerpt Reloaded R1
» Kaf Oseo (url)
This mod of WordPress’ template function the_excerpt() knows there is no spoon.

Widgetize Anything 1.2  Widgetize Anything 1.2
» Erik Rasmussen (url)
Provides a widget interface for any php code.

Widget Logic 5.9.0  Widget Logic 5.9.0
» wpchefgadget, alanft (url)
Control widgets with WP’s conditional tags is_home etc

WP-CopyProtect [Protect your blog posts] 3.1.0  WP-CopyProtect [Protect your blog posts] 3.1.0
» Chetan Gole (url)
This plug-in will protect your blog content [posts] from being copied. A simple plug-in developed to stop the Copy cats.

WP-PluginsUsed 1.50  WP-PluginsUsed 1.50
» Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan (url)
Display WordPress plugins that you currently have (both active and inactive) onto a post/page.

WP Media Category Management 1.9.1  WP Media Category Management 1.9.1
» DeBAAT (url)
A plugin to provide bulk category management functionality for media in WordPress sites.

Yoast SEO 6.1.1  Yoast SEO 6.1.1
» Team Yoast (url)
The first true all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress, including on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps and much more.