WTF Moments were created because I needed to put a couple of cents in about certain strange, twisted, or sick things that I have observed in my offline life. So that’s basically what WTF Moments are.

  • WTF Moments: alli. Why I'd Die Before I Try It.
    Dieting is dangerous, but now it has proven to be pricey too. Not in the form of the pills though. I warn anyone with a weak stomach to pass over this one.
  • WTF Moments: Unnecessary Pet Abuse
    I don’t like pitbulls, but WTF?! You just don’t kick them!
  • WTF Moments:1-10
    This set of WTF Moments talks about getting your priorities straight, spam bots gaining more intelligence, and reasons for NYC rodents, both flying and ground; among other things.
  • WTF Moments:11-20
    This set of WTF Moments touches on the importance of hygiene, shoes and socks on newborns, and lots of fashion faux pas.

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